Roc City Property Management Company

Rochester, NY is Home!

Our property management company provides all-in-one management solutions so properties operate efficiently. Whether its apartments or single family homes our goal is to build long-lasting relationships that attract & retain tenants & landlords. We strive to manage & maintain the highest quality & most affordable housing Rochester has to offer.


Our mission is to provide Rochester with the most attractive rental properties for the most affordable price. Not everyone is in a position to own their own home but would like to live somewhere nice. We strive to provide that for our tenants. This mission statement also allows us to obtain stable long-lasting tenancy for our properties. It's a balance of love for our Roc city and support for the beautiful people of our city. Together we are stronger, come check us out today!





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COVID-19 Help

We all have had to make some changes due to the pandemic! The biggest change for everyone is the need to protect ourselves and the ones we love from the transmission of COVID-19. Pandemic mantra: Protect, disinfect and sanitize! So, here are some products we all should be using everyday!